The Nightmare of Braddock Heights

by Gloaming



Death/doom recalling the tale of the legendary Snallygaster. Preview track for the upcoming full-length debut album, "Keep Close the Watchfires."


No one knows whence it came
Swift spirit of the old country
Beast come up from the depths of hell
Foul spawn of the ancient ones

On leathery wings it tears through the night
Taloned claws and a gazing eye
Beak of steel filled with stabbing teeth
'Round which wriggle arms of seething slime

Howling and screeching in the light of the moon
Swooping down like an arrow keen and true
Nails like meathooks rip its prey from the ground
Carried unseen into the shadows of the mountains

The hunting party wanders through wooded hills
Following broken branches and vile filth
Coming to the place where the demon did the deed
Poor soul emptied of life and blood

Terror spreads through the mountain towns
"Our doom is nigh, 'tis the coming of the beast"
Sign of the hex with its seven pointed star
Futily striving to keep the demon at bay

The Snallygaster knows no law
Abides not hexes nor prayers of men
Death is coming on leathery wings
Ruin roars in the Blue Ridge


released 10 February 2015
A.H. - Drums
J.C. - Guitars
J.K. - Vocals
R.B. - Bass

Lyrics by J.C.
Music by J.C. with Gloaming

Recorded at The Ends of the Earth
Winter 2014 - 2015
Mixed and Mastered by J.C.

Art by Mildred Bryant Brooks

Logo by Nicholas Stepaniak



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Gloaming Cheonan Si, South Korea

Crawling death/doom.

For fans of Asphyx, Cianide, Runemagick, Hooded Menace, Autopsy, Winter, Divine Eve, Coffins, Innsmouth, Necros Christos, Candlemass, etc.

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